Wax Museum Barcelona

Museu de Cera or Barcelona’s Wax Museum is located in a small square just off La Rambla boulevard and offers visitors the chance to admire over 300 famous characters immortalized in wax sculptures. The museum is housed in a gorgeous 19th century Neo-classical building and provides a wonderful mixture of culture, history, music and entertainment, all rolled up into one-of-a-kind experience.

From Star Wars’ peculiar personages to some of the most notable figures in history, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a series of interesting characters. Some of the most remarkable include: Albert Einstein, Superman, Francisco Franco, Salvador Dalí and the legendary Don Quixote. Moreover, the Museu de Cera experience goes even further into the fantasy with a variety of creative decors and audio-visual effects meant to enrich your visit and make it as authentic as possible.

In addition to the exciting human-like wax figures, the quirky Wax Museum in Barcelona has two enchanting, yet pretty unusual cafes: El Bosc de les Fades – a sort of eerie forest where you can sip cocktails while being surrounded by fairies and gnomes; and the Passatge del temps – an origami-themed bar with a lovely atmosphere. Another special feature of the museum is El Colmado, an atmospheric place where you can indulge in delicious tapas and even buy some for later.

Whether you’re a huge fan of human-like wax statues or just looking for something different to do in Barcelona, the captivating Museu de Cera is certainly a must.

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